Below are some articles I have written in classes during college.

The Dangers of Automation in the Aviation Domain

Research related to the dangers in automation in the aviation domain and how it compares to the two most recent Boeing 737 Max accidents. (This article was written before the final NTSB report was released).

Why it is an advantage for a business to own and operate an aircraft

Advantages for businesses to own their own aircraft.

Ramifications of the cost of purchasing a general aviation airplane for the future of aviation in the US

The increase in the cost of owning a general aviation aircraft has risen at a rate roughly equal to the increase in the cost of living but the cost of purchasing a general aviation aircraft has risen at a rate far exceeding the cost of living.

Why I chose aviation as a career

My love for travel ultimately led me to the field of aviation.

Using plants as explosive detectors at airports — Syfy or reality?

Scientists are looking into using plants to make airports a safer place.

United Express Flight 6291 Crash: Human Factors Review

This article discusses Atlantic Coast Airlines / United Express Flight 6291 and a few of the human factors that aided in the crash.

The New Space Race — Opinion

A new space race may launch us to more technological advances with little downfall.

Hill Aircraft Fixed Based Operator

History, types of services, fleet information, safety, and community involvement of the Hill Aircraft FBO.

NASA and High-Reliability Organizations

A look at how NASA’s culture as an HRO had an impact on the Columbia space shuttle disaster.

Admissibility of National Transportation Safety Board Reports

The goal of the NTSB is to determine the probable cause of accidents and issues safety recommendations. It does not determine fault or liability. For this reason, whether or not NTSB investigation reports should be admissible as evidence in court has been a controversial issue for years.

Personal Account: How John Izzo’s book, “Stepping Up: How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything” changed me

My personal account on how reading John Izzo’s book, “Stepping Up: How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything” changed me during my second semester in college.

Personal Whistleblowing in Aviation

Whistleblowers affect every industry, including the aviation industry.

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